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Maximize your beach experience!
The Keteboo was developed and created in the South of France to be a premier luxury beach accessory. With Keteboo there are more beautiful days in the year, allowing you to enjoy the sun better than ever before.
The Keteboo has a plethora of benefits
Withholds wind speeds up to 18 miles per hour - provides protection from sand
Privacy while tanning and romancing - protection from the sun if desired
Creates your own personal space - No one will step on your towel
Every Keteboo comes with a sleek over the shoulder travel bag!
The total weight of each Keteboo is less than 2 pounds.


a cutting edge product.
As the seasons change, Keteboo will stay close to the fashionable desires of our consumers. A new line will be uncovered each year combining chic trends with classic style. This year’s premier collection was inspired by classic nautical design combined with colourful, modern, and geometrical flair. Keteboo is at your disposition and provides the opportunity to select alternate colours for specific designs upon request.

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